The Evolution of Secretomes and PRP

Tissue regeneration is highly researched and sought after as a therapy solution for a wide range of conditions. The applications are widespread including surgical recovery, wound care, hair loss, aesthetic procedures and for degenerative conditions such as arthritis.

Secretomes are attracting increasing interest as an innovative therapy that shows promise in cellular regeneration. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used in a similar way for decades due to the messaging role platelets and exosomes play in the body.

Both PRP and Secretomes work using the same concept of utilizing growth factors to produce collagen growth. PRP traditionally harvests the patients own blood where the vials of blood are spun in a centrifuge separating the platelets and plasma.
Secretomes are derived from a laboratory and contain growth factors, messenger RNA, micro RNA and cytokines. These secretomes have fewer unnecessary ingredients than would be found in patient-extracted PRP serum. Any additional ingredients found in PRP mean the body must process them, therefore giving Secretomes an edge on PRP treatments.
The application of these treatments includes acceleration of wound healing following surgery, connective tissue, muscle and bone repairs as well as aesthetic procedures that include hair loss, micro needling and laser therapies.
Secretomes provide excellent benefits in terms of rejuvenation and reduced downtime for the patient. PRP, even though it contains it’s own source of exosomes, it does not reduce inflammation. Conversely it can create more inflammation and can be painful for the patient. Both treatments must be delivered right onto the treatment site. The mechanism of action is through nano sized vesicles which act as messengers by carrying genetic information that creates communication between cells. Secretomes specifically, are potent drivers for healing and repair making them increasingly sought after as an adjunct or treatment for a wide variety of conditions.
As we age, the volume and balance of exosomes in our bodies decline showing a marked difference between a 30 year old and a 64 year old. In PRP treatments, where the patients own blood is used, the effectiveness of the treatment is dependent on the efficacy of the growth factors and micronutrients extracted. This means a younger patient’s therapy will be more effective than in an older patient.
Secretomes derived from the lab can include a complex process including ultrafiltration, chromatography, centrifugation, and precipitation. These techniques increase the concentration and purity of the secretomes to generate an improved quality of product. Science is still evolving for stem cell harvesting and product refinement.
Secretomes, when compared to PRP, offer a much larger variety of growth factors. For example, the product Exovex contains 450 growth factors when compared to PRP which only has 12. Other benefits of Secretomes are that they are not dependent on donor age or health status and negate the need for a blood draw or other time consuming onsite processing.
Secretomes are available for licensed medical professionals for in-office use. They arrive to your clinic cryogenically-frozen, where the provider simply needs to thaw it out and use it as a topical application, without the need for any bulky equipment.
With no up-front cost and a low unit cost, Exovex is quickly becoming the preferred option for medical aesthetic providers.


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