Unveiling the Science Behind Exosome Manufacturing: Exocel Bio’s Groundbreaking Process

In the realm of regenerative aesthetics, the buzz around exosomes as a potential game-changing treatment has grown. ExocelBio stands out as an industry leader, employing an innovative proprietary incubation medium and a rigorous nine-step GXP process to craft a potent and safe exosomes serum.

Exocel Bio’s innovative approach to manufacturing exosomes offers a glimpse into the future of regenerative aesthetics

Exocel Bio places a premium on the source, recognizing that the best mesenchymal stem cells for their exosomes come from the placenta. This organ boasts healthier fetal mesenchymal stem cells with robust immunomodulatory properties and low immunogenicity.


Within the placenta, the focus narrows down to the chorion, identified for its highest concentration, robust proliferation rate, and the essential ability for multilineage differentiation—crucial elements for tissue repair and regenerative aesthetics. Notably, Exocel Bio emphasizes a one-time use policy for each tissue line to ensure consistently high quality.


The process then moves into the selection of targeted mesenchymal stem cells for regenerative aesthetics, employing cell surface markers to pinpoint low-differentiated cells that exhibit mRNA upregulation in key areas like angiogenesis, cell proliferation, collagen formation, hair growth, keratinocyte functions, acne treatment, anti-apoptosis, fibroblast activity, and anti-inflammatory responses.


Next, undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells are expanded while preserving their multipotency. This preservation of undifferentiation during expansion is deemed critical for the cells’ eventual use in regenerative medicine and tissue repair.


The manufacturing process hinges significantly on the medium used. ExocelBio employs a proprietary xenofree medium, a trade-secret formula optimized for maximum yield and quality. This medium is crucial as it forms the base for collecting the conditioned media—consisting of MSCs, microvesicles, and exosomes—optimized for their regenerative biologic effects and outcomes.


Ensuring the right size of exosomes is pivotal for payload effectiveness. Here, ExocelBio utilizes their proprietary extreme centrifuge method, generating high yields and concentrations of exosomes with superior cell attachment capabilities for exponential results.

When it comes to purity, ExocelBio takes a stringent stance. Their exosomes are suspended in medical saline, bottled, and then frozen at -80°C. Not a hint of additives, no hyaluronic acid, and no chemicals make their way into these exosomes, ensuring their purity and activity.

To establish trust and guarantee their product’s content, Exocel Bio subjects their exosomes to thorough third-party testing. Methods like NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing), MUPDPIT, and NTA (Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis) are employed to characterize the exosomes’ concentration, payload, quality, and consistency.

Exocel Bio’s innovative approach to manufacturing exosomes offers a glimpse into the future of regenerative aesthetics. With a meticulous process aimed at maximizing potency, safety, and effectiveness, their work presents a hopeful path in addressing cosmetic concerns through cutting-edge science.


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